LESSONS UPDATE - We are taking new students

We are accepting students for lessons, we do recommend attending the 5 hour course prior to lessons but not manditory.

Students MUST have their permit on them during the driving lesson.  If permit is not present for the driving lesson student may still be charged.

Car Sound System

Driving car

We provide a vehicle to use during the lessons.  If you do prefer to use your own we can accomodate that as well.

driving car logo.jpg

Pre-Test Lessons

We have so many students that request lessons the day of their road test.  How this works, we do a brief overview of all that is expected to pass the road test and then take you to the test.

driving car logo.jpg

Driving Lessons

When we do driving lessons we cover everything needed to be a safe driver.

Parallel parking, 3 point turns, left & right turns, changing lanes, intersections, being aware of other drivers etc.

Pay Per Lesson

$60 per hour - even day of road test

We can go outside the Elmira area, travel time would be charged based on distance.

If lesson is purchased in a package it will be cheaper, see package page.

*Current driving students are locked in at old price